Choose Your Weapons: Your Marketing Arsenal in 2014

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24th March 2014
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7th May 2014
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Choose Your Weapons: Your Marketing Arsenal in 2014

In the second of Cranfield University Technology Park’s free marketing seminars, we took a look at the tools available for small businesses to build and promote a strong brand, product and expertise that stands out from the competition.

Round Up

In today’s world there are a wealth of opportunites and tools available to get your message across.

Here are our top tips for using them which are also available to download here:

Your Brand

  • A strong visual identity will reap benefits for your business over time, creating recognition with customers. Think about your customer base and the values you want your brand to embody
  • Remember that your brand is more than just a logo. Get the basics right and make sure that your documents, emails and promotional materials stick to a set style, font and colour palette

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing means promoting your product and company by demonstrating expertise, to build trust and brand awareness. It is showing clients that you understand their business and the issues they face, rather than aggressively promoting your specific product or service
  • Think about opportunities to promote your expertise – by pitching a by-lined article to a magazine, running a blog on your website or seeking out speaking opportunities at events


  • When seeking or being offered advertising opportunities think about your customers – which publications, destinations, website or broadcast channels do they engage with?
  • Interrogate readership and viewing statistics. How are publications distributed and paid for?

Print vs Email

  • The printed flyer or brochure hasn’t been killed off by email, but make sure that you’re targeting the right people with both. Create a database and break it down into segements, so that you can tailor your message to specific client groups

Media Relations

  • PR is powerful. Shout about your successes, but also be prepared to defend negative press
  • Journalists are under tremendous pressure to produce stories. Understand their deadlines, be helpful and provide the information they need for an accurate, interesting story


  • Take a fresh look at your website. Does it concisely summarise what your business does and its unique selling points? Make sure visitors can easily find the information they want, and that key words are included to help search engines rank your site in their results
  • Think about including a blog or news feed to demonstrate your expertise, provide fresh content and encourage return visits

 About the events
Cranfield University Technology Park’s free business seminars are designed to suit the needs of growing businesses in the Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire, with topics ranging from finance and business development to apprenticeship programmes.

The events which include a networking breakfast are hosted in the Cranfield Innovation Centre offices’ conferencing suite and are open to all.

The events are delivered in partnership with Cranfield University, South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) and Central Bedfordshire Council.

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